One Step Closer To Blockchain World By Persian Telos

We nurture ideas that use Telos blockchain

As entrepreneurs, our businesses are always in motion. We use Telos for developing our productions.
Flexible & User-Friendly Fee Models

Two cost models – With option for projects to cover user fees

Fast – 10,000+ Transactions Per Second

Telos processes thousands of transactions per seconds and extends to do even more.

Energy Efficient

Unlike other blockchains Telos is a low energy, low carbon footprint blockchain

Why Telos?

At the moment Telos blockchain is one of the most active and fastest blockchains in the world. Also the governance of this network allows everyone in the world to use it freely.

Some of Telos features:

  • Open source
  • Completely free
  • High speed
  • Everything is in base on smart contract

A brief story about us

PersianTelos team consist of persons with activity in various fields of technology with several years experience in technology field like Blockchain and Programing. We have been working on Telos Blockchain since 2019 and at the moment we are among top 15 Block Producers with more than 80 million votes on Telos .

Our Mission

  • 1

    We would like to create games and applications that use Telos as blockchain.

  • 2

    We would like to introduce Telos to Persian users.

  • 3

    We would like to support developers from this region.

Other Activities

daric token

Daric Token

Daric Token has been created on Telos Blockchain. We will use this token as Cryptocurrency and Virtual currency in our projects. The largest inventory of Daric is 1 billion units, Daric is without any inflation and will not be added to this amount, Also Daric Token has been added to Newdex to exchange without any problem.
Exchange in NewdexExchange in Tswaps
hamian wallet

Hamian Wallet

Hamian is a vicarious wallet on telos which has been developed as telegram bot. Hamian has been created for those peaple who wouldn't like to know anything about technical issues on the Telos. Hamian has a great feature as 'White List' which you can put your repetitive transaction in the white list and after that Hamian will accept that transactions without asking you. If you are using our aplications and platforms, because of more coordination, I suggest you to use Hamian Wallet.
Hamian Wallet

Our team

Our team consist of skilled persons in many IT fields. We want more decentralization.

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